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Club Camp July 2006


Each year the club heads off to a local camp site just before the Brewer's Droop rally in the quiet before the storm.  With stocked up cool boxes full of beer and food we set up camp for the one night ready to party.  Having been warned about the noise from the previous year we were on our best behaviour.  We were still being watched for part of the night by the owners but this did not stop us having a fun time.  The camp site is a great venue for this but they don't really understand a scooterists way to un-wind. (Generally get very drunk, loud and continue until the small hours talking dribble)

This one is just for Cath!!!


Big Steve did the honours with cooking as he did in previous years, willingly helped by Cath, Karan, Bev and Andy W. The weather was a little wet at times but it never spoilt the proceedings. The kids were served first then swiftly followed by the adults.  Once all fed they began to settle into their chairs in a nice little circle with liquid refreshment close at hand.  Last minute ideas / suggestions for the Droop got banded around along with the consumption of more drink.   The night was soon over, kids fast asleep and all the Brewers heading off to their tents for some well earned shut eye. 


All in all this was another great evening spent with a bunch of true friends.

Morning comes along all to soon. 

After a quick clean up it was of to the cafe on site for a full English breakfast.  We packed up the tents and then headed off home.


Ian & Bev VJ
The Brewers 2006


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