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Custom Show 2008

The 3rd Annual, Free Custom Show and Evening Do organised by The Brewers was held on the 23rd February 2008.  This year saw another change in venue as we moved from Bretby Conference Centre to Burton Town Hall in order to accommodate both the daytime and evening events in one location.

The daytime kicked off around 8.00am on Saturday morning.  With over 60 scooters on show, including a large display of AF Rayspeeds, the two rooms used quickly filled and other scooterists keen on seeing what was on display arrived in large numbers.  These included Mercia SC, Nottingham Gatecrashers, Ripley Harriers and Old Skool Bandits. In the 3rd Hall, and outside a large number of traders set out their stalls and began brisk trading.

Throughout the day the crowd was entertained by Chris Oulds of Marshmallow Factory and Gibbo of Shed Magazine (main sponsor of the event) who played a steady selection of scooterists sounds from the stage overlooking the hall until the prizes were awarded mid afternoon.  In addition punters in the bar were entertained by Andy, formerly of the Pinch.





After the presentations, many stayed around in the venue whilst others took a brief respite before returning later when they were joined by a good number of others swelling the evening crowd to over 450.  Whilst Gibbo, Chris and our own DJ Diesel spun the discs to keep the crowd entertained, a short acoustic set was performed by the young up and coming Kate Marsden.  Later in the evening, The Brewers awarded 'Brewer of the Year (2007) to Mark Evo (DJ Diesel) in recognition of all his work last year.


Unfortunately as the last record was being played, some idiot decided it would be fun to set off the fire alarm system.  Although the building was evacuated sensibly, 2 Fire Engines were automatically deployed, costing the club a call out fee and jeopardising any future events that we may wish to hold at this venue.  The Town hall will be making CCTV images available to us in due course as we seek to identify the culprits who may have ruined future events we wish to hold for you!!

The Brewers would like to thank all those who attended and behaved sensibly throughout and especially those who sponsored the Custom Show. 

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The Brewers 2008


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