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I started in the world of scootering back in 1983. I had seen all the Brewers around town for years but was too young or simply didn't know anyone in the club at the time. We were the next generation of scooter fanatics to hit the scene after 1979. We were definitely scooterists and not MODS. My first scooter was a Vespa 150 super. I bought it from Brent, a younger lad, and Shaun Sidwells (Siddies younger brother) for a grand total of 15. The first thing I did, like everyone would of done at that time was to get the grinder out . Wouldn't dream of it now.  This was the first time I had sprayed anything.  Looking back it was not my best effort.  Below is a picture of it as I bought it and later during the rebuild by myself .


I used this scooter to get to work and back on a daily basis, and as Vespa Supers are, it was very reliable. I later sold it for 250 and went and bought an LI125 1964 scoot, as well as a spare Jet 125cc all for 250 from Little Shep. This is the blue Lamby in the picture below with SX side panels.
I had this scooter for 6 years, put a 175 kit on it then a 200cc engine in it, changed it back and eventually sold it to someone local.

During the mid to late 80's I bought and sold over fifty scooters, I was even given two Series 1 Lamby's from Derby.  One of these was a frame breather version which I gave to Dean Walker just because he came along with me to collect them.
My very first rally would have been in 1984, I think it was Scarbrough.  I can remember going to a rally on the door step at Donington race track Disc 85.  Although at the time a lot of us were not in the Brewers we all used to still meet in the County Courts car park at the weekends.  It was from there we would set off  to the rallies along with the Brewers.  Below is a picture taken in the courts car park.
  From left to right there is Paul Gasby a very young Andy Smith (Sid) foreground Paul Williams on his fifty special, background Wayne Harvey, myself in red scarf, Nobby, and then Big John.


At this point I was running the Burton Alternative SC.  We did not want to be in the Brewers and the NSRA insisted that we should have ID cards to go to the rallies.  A load of us went down to Oxford to their custom show in 1987 where I saw a Lambretta Trike project.  It was at that point I was hooked.  For two years I worked inside my old Pigeon loft creating my own version of a Lambretta Trike.  I am proud to say I did nearly everything.  Designed, created and finished the whole scoot.  "Trikelops" was introduced to the scene in 1989 at Doncaster custom show.  I can remember the struggle to get the Trikelops up onto the balcony, but it was worth it.  On that same weekend 'On the Bread Line' made it's first appearance, and this scooter is still doing the rounds today.



Despite having bought loads of scooters, I only ever rode a white PX Vespa in 1989 for that year.  In the picture below is a younger me getting it finished off ready to put back onto the road.  Also there is a picture of a Jet 200 with a hydraulic disc fitted, I bought from around the corner for 100.   I was working on the gear box  ready to re-sell  as soon as possible.  I was by now doing up other scooters for folk between working on my own project.  I got Dave Clements small frame into Scootering in March 1990 as seen below, plus I built a TS1 225 water cooled GP with my own full headset drops and rear sets, a custom car, plus loads of other scoots like an extended forks and paint job on Goggars PX British Pride.



Along came the usual things of getting married having children etc, but still I always had a scooter on the road. For a long time I had a Spanish 125 Primmy. I am sitting on it further up on this page.  I bought my current Lamby in 1996 when it was a hybrid of an LI 150 frame modified to fit Innocenti GP panels, headset etc. The work had been done by MSC.  I soon changed the colour scheme and rebuilt the engine.  The scooter became know as Custard.  I have since done the scooter up again.  It is currently black and covered in dots.



I joined the Brewers in 1997 when Greg and Lorraine did the reunion do at the Leander in Burton.  Greg  was running the Brewers for a year before I ended up at the front.  From thereon I have been heavily involved in organising Brewers events etc and still enjoying this life style.  Recently Bev bought me a Spanish LI150 for my 40th, so this is the next project and maybe, I will look at my GP again in the near future. 

Here's my latest find i knew about this scooter over 4 years ago and was interested in it. Finally the son of the owner sold it to me. 
Its only had 1 previous owner and is totally original all i have had to do to get it ready for a MOT is clean the tank change to tap and kick it up.
Still 6 volts points and condenser but starts first time every time RESULT.

Classic Scooter Scene Edition 82

Following a accident on my Lambretta I have now restored it again for the third time in 20 years. this is still used all year round to commute to work  

Image from Anthony Gregory Beat the Bikers 2015

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