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Karan Winter

My first experience of scooters came when my husband dragged me along to the first Burton Brewers Rally in 1998 after many years of moaning that he wanted another scooter.  I thought I would humour him and go along not knowing what to expect. "What 20 quid to look at a few scooters and some tatty parts laid on a few blankets" I was heard to say (sorry Bev). Not impressed, I agreed to go along to the evening do nonetheless and thereafter I was converted.  Since then I have owned 2 scooters.  The first one being a Yucky Yellow PX125, which having passed my CBT and ridden round the block once, my husband then part-ex'd for his new one - charming eh.  I have now got a freshly imported Vespa 50 Special (no test required) and hopefully will be on the road later this year when it has been welded, painted, rebuilt and registered.

My yukky PX 125 My 50 Special prior to 'restoration'

Musically, well what can I say it started with 'Madness' continues with 'Madness' and will probably end in 'Madness'.  I bought my first single in 1979 'One Step Beyond' and found out what SKA was, being only 11 years old scooters didn't really mean much to me - SUGGS did though!  Through the last 28 years Northern Soul, Mr. Weller and of course Madness have featured heavily in my collections.  Bruce Foxton, who isn't exactly a favourite of mine (but at least he has more hair than Rick), was an interesting meeting recently. I only went to say hello but as they say the rest is history and the incident became a source of pride for my husband who worships the trio.

Bruce and I get 'Up close & Personal' - No tongues were harmed in the making of this photograph!

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