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Brewers Droop 4 - 2001


Preparations for this years rally had been well shared out and so setting up and welcoming the first few hundred or so revellers on Friday passed without much ado.  Friday night arrived quickly and with the Belvedere club promising to keep beer prices cheap it was time to party.

Those lovely boys from VFM were working hard behind the decks and before long it was time for the first band. 'The Jamm' were this years openers and as always gave of their best as they belted out all the usual numbers including Tubestation, Rifles, Malice and Entertainment. A heaving crowd kept the dance floor full throughout the night whilst everyone took advantage of those cheap prices!

The first hour of Saturday morning was spent in the Belvedere room where many of last nights posse were delving into mighty breakfasts.

The custom show was beginning to come together. Ferdy was showing his "Insane Innovation" whilst "Gladiator" and "Playstation" were also receiving much attention.
By lunchtime the footy was well on course giving time for the setting up of the gymkhana scooter challenge. Unfortunately a short period of drizzle (it never rains on the Brewers) put paid to any hopes of a decent bungy event,and sumo wresling but this merely gave people a chance to take in the trade stalls and spend a few more quids on Burtons finest export!

Early evening had seen scooterists numbers swell to 1200 before another hundred or so young pretenders arrived on the scene.


The reason was this years main attraction - 'Spunge'. Thrashing out their own style of Ska-Punk the boys had the large crowd well up for it if only for a short set.
Raffle prices were drawn with a large donation made to the Rainbows Hospice before a small number of the Brewers prepared for a John O'Groats to Lands End run.  Our thanks to everyone who contributed.

Andy Winter - Burton Brewers

As always we would like to thank everyone that attended this rally and hope to see in the near future.

Thanks for your support

The Brewers 2001

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