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Brewers Droop 7 - 2004

Up and down the country the rain was falling, was this going to be the first Brewers Droop to suffer from a significant amount of the wet stuff. An early start was needed as much was still to be done. Direction signs up around the town, gate tent, and chill out marquee with outside bar. Fortunately all the usual suspects were on hand and grafting away. It wasn't long before familiar faces started to arrive and our more familiar friend good old British sunshine showed its face. Before we knew it it was time for the evening session to begin. In the smaller Belvedere Room Ghost Town began to get the crowd in the mood with covers of all the favourites from Madness, Specials and Bad Manners. A very impressive first set too. As they took a break Ian Pages' 'The Affair' took to the main stage to keep proceedings going. This kept the Mods happy and the dancefloor full although I am not too sure about that 'Shiney Silver Suit' Mr. Page!! No sooner had they finished their set than Ghost Town were back on stage to give us an equally impressive second helping. Enough already? no chance, with many of the Friday arrivals desperately awaiting for tonights main attraction 'Basketcase' who performed a blinding set of punk covers which meant that no one could have any complaints about individual groups not being catered for.

As always Saturday morning arrived too soon, as were the growing number of scooterists that this event now attracts.  All hands on deck at the gate and every inch of grass was soon taken up with tents of all shapes and size.  Even an excess of traders arrived and so some were left disappointed.  By dinner time the weather was giving us its best impressive of far flung shores. Some were truly beginning to believe that God is a Brewer! The 5 a Side footy was soon over, won by Tony Blackburn Scooter Club and so a very wet 'Its a Knockout' was welcomed by many of the 2000 now in attendance.  Whilst Tony-1-Shirt and Pitchie spun the decks in the heat, Pussy Galore SC remained cool enough to take this years title.

Next up was judging of the Custom Show. For me at least, a significant number of new scooters to the custom scene this time out, and then time for the club to begin to enjoy ourselves. Tonight the Belvedere became the Northern Room with the masses, entertained by Jonny singing a variety of classics and a host of DJ's.

In the main room 17 Black covered Mod hits from The Who and The Jam etc until it was time for The More Specials. 2 excellent sets were performed whilst temperatures continued to rise and ever larger quantities of drink were consumed purely for the purpose of keeping cool.

Eventually the raffle was drawn (Congratulations to John Brady who won the GP200), and it was time to relax in the outside marquee. Hold on - wasn't there supposed to be a bouncy castle next to it.  Yes but by now some thieving scumbag had taken a liking to it and decided it would look good in their own back garden. So much for trying to keep the kids happy so that the 'Grown Ups' can enjoy themselves..

This page is dedicated to John (JB) and Heartlands Scooter Club and to our special friends Sharon Brady and Brendan.

Our thoughts will always be with you,

 Burton Brewers  


Andy Winter - Burton Brewers 2004

Thanks to everyone that attended this rally and hope to see in the near future.

Thanks for your support

The Brewers 2004

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