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Brewers Droop 3 - 2000

Last years Droop had been held in July so bringing Droop 3 forward to May-Day weekend meant planning time became very short.  The previous 2 droops had outgrown their venues so this year we had to be prepared for anything.  Club member Steve Haynes found us the perfect venue in The Belvedere Park Club, which has now become our home.

Friday morning saw a steady of riders finding the new venue and by early evening numbers had topped those of the previous years.  Many 'old' brewers from the 1980's had indicated an intention to attend;  some just to see old friends, others to rekindle their interest.


Friday night saw a brilliant warm-up, despite Sherman having to pull out at the last minute due to a bereavement.  A not-insignificant number of phone calls (again Steve Haynes) saw us secure DC Fontana as a replacement act.  Their set, including Night Owl, I'm A Man and The Snake went down a storm.  They were quickly followed by Walsall's own 'Sway-Dead' with a lively punk arrangement.

Saturday brought sunshine for the afternoons customary events.  Five A Side (Strange Town), Tug O' War (Lincoln S.C.) and a large custom show featuring 'Too Hard To Handle', 'The Hunter' an AF Super S Type and plenty of modded up Vespas and Lambrettas.  Trophys were handed out by an old Brewer, who at 72 had started the club in the early 50's.  Thanks to Strange Town for their 'Pants Down' celebrations.



Saturday evening saw Nathan of Nuneaton Pacemakers start proceedings off before Ruff Kutz gave us a brilliant set for the 3rd year running.  Last up were the main attraction, Who's Who, packing the floor with a full set from Quadrophenia before reaching a crescendo, with My Generation, as a parting gift.

Sunday saw a large ride-out (80+ Scooters) to Bass Museum to present 2 charity cheques, and enjoy free entry to the vast museum.




As this was a bank holiday weekend, Sunday saw more scooterists arrive, including 2 on their way back to Southend from the Scottish National Rally in Ayr.  Sunday evenings entertainment was South Park Roundabout who did an excellent covers set.  In total 850 - 900 people attended including many from further afield than on previous occasions.  These included, London Vikings, Borderline Allstars and the Self Preservation Society.  This meant that Brewers Droop 3 had become our biggest event thus far!!!

Andy Winter BBSC

Thanks to everyone that attended this rally and hope to see in the near future.

Thanks for your support

The Brewers 2000

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