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Netherseal July 1998

In the begining the Burton Brewers were part of the Midland Scooter Alliance (MSA). There were several clubs that associated with the alliance and these were,

Stoke Scooter Club
Leicester Phoenix Scooter Club
Leicester Inner City Scooter Club
Stafford Scooter club
Tamworth Scooter club.
Jolly Roger Scooter Club

We all used to meet up and go on rideouts to each other club meetings, or if there was a parts fair etc. As the Alliance we did not want to step on each others toes regarding night do's that each club would put on. At the same time we could support each other events to ensure their success.
After a while it was agreed at one of our gatherings that the Alliance could put on their own weekender event. So all the clubs involved were asked to bring ideas for a venue to the meetings. We brought the idea of have the rally at Netherseal. At this point no other club had come up with a alternative. It was agreed that the Netherseal venue was going to be the first MSA's weekender event.

After a period of time the other club tended to stand back off from any organising of the event, and more and more it started to land on the Brewers toes to complete. Andy from the Stafford scooter club was the last to attend a meeting with us at Netherseal, after that we were totally on our own. All of the club was involved with something on the weekend although there was a lot of work before hand done by a few.

Looking back its seem a lifetime away. The total cost of the rally was under two grand? Dean Trowbridge offered to cover the short fall if we did not cover the costs. A few of us can remember being worry silly about getting enough people through the gate. Thanks to the MSA backing we had nothing to fear. We had a marquee on the field and a scaffold stage built by Ralphy to elevate the two live bands, and everything ran on a generator. This was a pain as we had to regurlarly check the levels of the diesel to make sure it did not run out.


The two bands booked for this rally were, a great band from the Tamworth area at the time "Jelly". They really set the weekends entertainment off with an excellent set including our favourite 'Time'. The other band was The Jam tribute band "The Setting Sons", who are still doing the rounds today. During the Saturdays entertainment we had a bouncy boxing ring. Tug of war, ridden custom show and five a-side football.

The whole weekend went down a storm. There was around 475 people who attended the weekend, Alex from "Scootering" had a great time and so gave us a really good write up. He wrote that this was going to turn into a big rally due to the commitment and quality put into this event. I hope we have proven him right! This was the start of the Brewer's Droop rally although at this stage it wasn't classed as a Brewers rally.
We had out grown this venue at our first attempt and needed to find somewhere new.

So at this point we had already found the Bretby Country Club, and this is were the story continues.

Once again a big thank you for the support from all the clubs and solos who helped us on our way to bigger better things. Ian VJ



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