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1950's -Present

The Burton Brewers Scooter Club was formed around 1953.  The founder members of the club including Fred Cotton  Bernard Cotton, (who attended the custom show event on 13th April 2013), Bill Lakin, Jonny Morson, Mick Dawn and Jack Ricketts, were into cycles at the time. However with the need to see more of post-war Britain and the problems with cycling injuries , they decided on forming a scooter club.  The first meetings were at the Gladstone Pub, then later moving to The Royal Hotel in High Street.  Most of the clubs activities included time trials, dances and trips to the seaside (nothing changes there!). Also many went over to the Isle of Man.  The scooter club had various machines including Lambretta, Vespa, NSU, Moto Rumi, BSA and Triumph to name a few.

The local registration plate for Burton was FA, if you look closely you can see the Brewers logo on the Vespa scooter.   These were most likely bought from Fenns in Burton, which was the dealership for Lambretta's .

The Fifties
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Brewers Badge 1954 Banner & Badge on Bernard Lawes LD
Fred Cotton (centre)

It was towards the early 60’s that the club began to fragment and groups broke off, forming specialist solo clubs including the Comets who were a totally Lambretta only club.  The focus of the Comets was based in New Street where Fenns were the local Lambretta agents.  Whilst the Brewers stayed together meeting in the Branston Arms on a weekly basis they arranged  trips to Europe including a trip to the NSU factory. These photos below belong to John Cox who still lives locally and are of the Comets Scooter Club. This was set up by Ron Geary a local fireman and part time reporter for the Burton Mail and Mr Fenn, the owner of the dealership for Lambrettas in Burton. The photo on the left is a club shot taken around 1959 at Fenns in New Street and the next is a dinner and dance of the same time.  Below there are photos of Jon on his Lambretta TV175 series 1 and 2

Comets at Fenns High st Comets dinner and dance
Jon Cox'sTV S1  Jon Cox's S2


Recently we had some photos sent to us by Gillian Poultney from Burton who was a member of the Brewers in the 60's.
These photos are of a rally in Blackpool around 1964 and some images of Gillian out the
Black Horse  pub Moor Street Burton on Trent.





The Swinging Sixties

Graham Kirkland recently got in contact and produced a photo of the club in the late sixties believed to around 1969.  this section is dedicated to his era and what he got up to with his fellow BREWERS.

My first scooter a TV 200, TFA 660 was purchased from Pyecroft Motors Newhall for £120 in 1967 and on passing my motor cycle test I joined the Burton Scooter Club.
The Club had many venues Burton Hospitals Staff Club Andressey Hospital, Corporation Arms New Street, The Great Northern Wetmore Road and The Punch Bowl Stapenhill.  Meetings took place on a Friday night and Sundays in the summer activities included Road Trials, Speed events, Field rallies, socials and dances.  Subscriptions 50p p.a and 10p per meeting that's old money.
Club members took part in many events around the country, Hill climbs at Baitings Dam Rochdale. Time trials (Racing Really) at Cadwell Park, Mallory Park and Snetterton. You would arrive at the track put up your tent, practice in the afternoon try to get your scooter running as fast as possible then racing on Sunday. Then on the Monday you would be riding that same scooter about Burton provided you hadn't crash it or seized the engine. I remember going to a Field Rally at Peterbourgh scooter riders towed a side panel around a grass coarse with someone sitting on it looking back Health & Safety was minimal.
Photos taken during the 1970 I.O.M Scooter Week on my 125cc GP bought  and tuned from Bob Minnion in Derby.
Events at the scooter week included Hill climbs, Field Rallies, Speed trials and even sand racing on the beach this was followed by a sunset barbecue. I was reminded on my first night at the Scooter Club just how vulnerable scooter riders could be when one of the members was killed that night in a road traffic accident on Dallow Bridge, very sad.  No this did not stop me and other club members screwing the throttle wide open and finding the rear wheel twitching all over the race track at weekends.
Brewers Meeting Punch Bowl Stapenhill

This photo above was taken by the Burton Mail at the rear of the Punch Bowl Stapenhill, first Lambretta Derek & Carol Gretton ,then Kenny Gretton, Ray Smith on the BSC scooter with myself seated behind. Marlene Kirkland club secretary and treasurer standing arms folded.  Then we have Bill MacFarlane, Chris Kras and Steve Gannon who were the Derby members of the Club.  Finally far right was John Coxson chairman.

 The two photos Graham Kirkland and Marlene Kirkland on my TV 200, in the Brizlincote Valley.


Two photos of the Burton Scooter Club annual dinner and awards night held in 1971 at the Drift Inn New Street. (Now Billy's).
Left hand image is of John Coxson presenting the Club Member of the year award for the most out standing rider of the year with Derick Gretton standing left runner up.
The other photo shows more members Tony Hook centre front, left Graham Kirkland, unknown ,Carol Gretton, Kenny Gretton, Ted on the right Marlene Kirkland, Ian, Sally and Roy.

Top right, clockwise Graham Kirkland on his 125cc GP followed by Derick Gretton on his Li150.
Right, head down throttle wide open and not looking where I am going (Graham Kirkland) and bottom, making a splash during the Road Rally.
 Left, hill climb at Peel here riding my GT 200cc, FAY 679C, later to be bored out too 225cc.
Below are images of the Graham (number 74) competing at the Isle of Man in the early seventies on is GP.


Many happy memories of my time were with the Brewers. 
Graham Kirkland 

Then towards the late 1970’s “THAT” film came out and the world just seemed to be either Mod or Rocker.  The Brewers were reborn!!! I personally was still only 14 at the time and at school.

The Brewers were still active in the 1970’s according to ex-members Mick Haynes and Phil Stanbridge who used to race Lambretta’s.  Also there, was Andy Billings who actually used to be a butcher and deliver meat to my mum and dads house on his push bike.  I can still remember that Yellow ochre Lambretta - he used to push that quite a bit too!

If you would to find out more then look out for Greg's book
"Mod Revival 1979"
Britsih Oak All those years ago?
Meeting in the courts car park
Nigel Smith's Patch

Every Friday night, the Brewers and many other local clubs converged at The British Oak in Burton, where many nights in excess of 100 scooters seemed to be the norm, upsetting the local neighbourhood with loud baffleless exhausts and music.  One night I can remember residents rigging up a booby trap consisting of a clothes prop across the road, nearly decapitating the scooter rider posing up the road.  There was a great turnout from all the local scooter clubs.  The other places used during the 80’s were The Leander Rowing Club and later we used The Central Club in Derby Street.

original application form 1980

On Saturday’s we all used to park up at the local Courts car park opposite the Britannia Café in Station Street (now a Kebab Shop), this also used to act as a meeting point for the rallies as well.

By the mid 80’s the Brewers began to thin out with some members starting families, taking out mortgages etc and also other Burton based clubs starting up including Burton Wildcats (sporting fake tiger skin on helmets).  The other club was the Burton Roadhogs and the Burton Alternatives, but these breakaway clubs proved to be very shortlived.

The Brewers were still attending rallies, in the late 80’s and early 90’s but were in very small numbers.  It was with the emergence of the brit pop scene in the mid 90’s that Anthony (Greg) Gregory decided to rekindle some of his youth and have a reunion – now that’s another era – of the Burton Brewers Scooter Club! and not long after that Brewers Droop was born.

1997 onwards

Club shot 1998 Thomas Syke  



The Brewers 1953-onwards


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